Snowy Plover –
The challenge for this little shorebird is that it likes to live in the same areas that people like to play, the beach. Over the years, through increased recreation and habitat alteration, they have seen population declines.

The Western population of the Snowy Plover was added to the endangered species list in 1993. For that reason, most of the birds in these images are wearing jewelry (leg bands). Each of these birds has been logged and is being tracked. Efforts are being made to protect their nests and encourage successful reproduction. Recent years have shown very positive results.

An interesting fact about these little birds is that a female may have as many as three nests in a single year. When the eggs are laid, both parents will tend to them. Once the chics hatch, however, the female ditches dad and the kid and set out to find a new mate and a new nest. For this reason, one can reasonably identify an adult seen with a chic as the father.

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