We arrived in down town Eugene and were headed to our destination near Skinner Butte when I saw them. A small flock of Wild Turkey were strutting on the sidewalk of Pearl Street.  I drove past but, after dropping Susan and our grandaughter off, returned to see what was up. What I found was a flock of 7 toms and a few scattered hens that were strutting about entertaining the people.

I have heard that one key to getting good images is to never leave the camera at home. I try to have it near most of the time but will admit that there are times when I am not carrying my camera. This was one time I was very happy that I had brought it with me.

Three hen Wild Turkeys walking the street.

Three hens walking the street. 

Wild Turkeys strutting on the sidewalk provide entertainment to people passing by.

For me, it is a balancing act. I don’t carry my camera when I am out on “Date night.” I don’t take it with me if I am going to be in a situation where I need to leave it in the car and will be concerned about security. But these two factors soon become one of not carrying it when I go to the store or to the dog park and then…

On this trip, I was hesitant. I knew I would be waiting around but not sure how long. The trip was really about Susan and our grandaughter and I knew my focus should be there. On the other-hand, I thought I might have an opportunity to wander around abit. Yet, I was going to be in the middle of town and leaving gear in the car was risky. I vascilated between bringing and leaving my camera gear.

Obviously, I ended up deciding to bring my camera with me and I am very happy I did. I ended up spending a good hour with this flock of Wild Turkey and managed some images I would have been very sad to have missed.

Up close with a Wild Turkey
Two Wild Turkey toms working the sidewalk

Many have commented on the “ugliness” of a turkey while others comment on their “beauty.” I suppose they are the epidome of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

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