Oregon Coast energy in the winter is palpable. It penetrates one’s body and moves the very fibers of one’s being. Even on calm days, the surf pulses and pounds upon the shore vibrating the ground as if a locomotive were passing. It is an awesome power and can energize one’s soul while, at the same time, filling it with fear and trepidation (one might say a healthy fear).

Generally I consider a day to be a “big wave day” when the swells at 18 feet or more. These days come several times each winter. The days in between can be calm but are more likely to be filled with nice modest 8, 10 or 12 foot waves. These images are one of those “normal” days. On our last visit we didn’t have waves jumping hundreds of feet in the air . What we did have was that ever present Oregon Coast energy spraying mist and foam and revitalizing our spirit.

The little 1 minute video below gives a slight taste of the Oregon Coast energy. I hope you enjoy it. (View full screen for the best effect. If you look really close you can see Susan on the cliff by the visitors kiosk.)


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