We made our firt trip to San Miguel de Allende late in 2019. Now, four years later, we finally made it back for a brief return trip. Our initial plan had been to return in 2020 with an eye towards doing a “Dios de los Muertos” workshop/tour. Covid got in the way and we had to cancel our reservations, plans and move on to other things. Now, in 2023, we returned for a week of family and photography and to assess if we still had the desire to return for the big day in October.

As with our last visit we found this town to be absolutely amazing though it seemed to have changed in some ways. We did not see as many little parades along the streets and the Mojigangas seemed to be fewer (though they were still present). On the other-hand, there were far more lights around and, since we stayed for New Years, the crowds were much bigger.

San Miguel around the holidays is all about celebration and spending time with people. As one wanders through Centro (the center portion of town) there are all varieties of people and lots of them. This is a rich environment for the street photographer. Whether it be lovers on a park bench, children playing in the square or merchants hawking their wares. It all makes for a pleasant time wandering the streets with a camera in hand.

At one point I noticed a young girl waiting to surprise her father when he came out of a shop. Her mother was in the street photographing her with her cell phone. It was a fabulous little story of their family joy.

Watching Dad inside the store.

A little attitude towards mom’s efforts at getting an image.

Ready to surprise Dad when he walks out the door.

And then there are the dogs. Four years ago I took a lot of dog images. I saw dogs in store doorways, peeking out windows and on roof tops. This trip, I saw few dogs on roof tops and non in doors or windows. However, there were lots of them being walked along the streets. 

What happens when you give a dog a “Pup Cup?”

You get Kisses, of course. 

The greeter at one of the local pharmacies.

The Cobblestone Streets, alleyways and paths all beckon me on with promises that there just might be something magical around the next bend. The entire town is enchanting that way. It is a constant call to come see, to come participate.

We walk along these paths seeking new interests. One never knows what it will be that is found. It may be hardship or it may be a fabulous place for a selfie. It may be the music of San Miguel.

This man was present last time we visited.

At the end of the week, I can say that San Miguel de Allende remains a photographers mecca. We must return.

I hope you have enjoyed this selection of images and look forward to sharing with you some of the birds imagery I managed during on brief visit in my next post.

A note on equipment: 

The images in this post were all taken using my new OM systems OM1. The lens used for nearly every one was the Olympus 40-150 f2.8. I know that most street photographers say one should use a lens that is in the “normal range,” i.e., around 50mm. I, however, found that I very much like using a telephoto for street work and this lens was ideal. It is fast enough for shooting in low light, has a great range of zoom and I very much like the compressionthat a long lens brings.

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