Seafoam forms when a substance in the water (known as a surfactant) allows the air being whipped into the water to be held (which is to say it makes bubbles). These substances are usually organic materials or pollutants. For some seafoam is a mess on the beach and rocks, for others it is a fun phenomena to watch blowing about. For a photographer it is opportunity.

Susan and I have had the opportunity to play with Seafoam photos a few times in the past and always enjoy it. A couple years ago, we had a flow at North Seal Rock that swirled about and came in with the waves so that it nearly covered Susan. That is rare. 

Susan at North Seal Rock

Over the last week we have had a few opportunities to play in the foam at Yachats. The seafoam was denser and looked almost like cream (or ice cream being made) and there was less of it. Still it was a fabulous opportunity and spectacular fun. 

The following video is a brief clip to show what the waters were like and what I pulled from them. I hope you enjoy it.

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