Susan and I were returning to a beach with the specific objective of photographing the sensuous undulating rocks we knew were there. It was early and I walked past our objective to see what else was around.

Before me was a open sandy beach ending in golden sandstone cliffs. Lines of foam moved in with each wave. While wonderful to walk along and pleasant to look at, the scene lacked any captivating subject. Unlike our usual beaches in Bandon, there were no large monolithic rocks jutting up out of the sand. Unlike our frequent stops in Yachats, this beach didn’t have rugged edges that waves crashed into with violence and rock eating force. It was simply a pleasant beach.

After walking a bit I began to see where some wonderful interest lay. I am sure there are numerous other potential subjects but my eyes fell to the reflection of the sandstone cliffs mingled with the reflections of the deep blue sky. I had found Gold.

A few feet further along the beach and a small stream flowed through the golden reflection. Each surge of water changed the flow from gold to blue (with hints of green) and back again.

I returned to the rocks that we had set out to shoot. The need to succeed, to get a keeper was gone. I had my gold.

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