Reflections and Rapids

As winter is approaching, Susan and I decided we needed to make a trip home to winterize the house. We drove up 101 to Florence, as usual but decided to tak a back road from there for a change of scenery and in hope of seeing some nice fall colors. We looked at lots of yellow leaves and had a wonderful drive eventually stopping along a creek with gorgeous reflections.

My immediate thought was to play with the reflections and the small rapids, something like the image above. Of course, when shooting rapids one must also shoot one at a slower speed for nice soft water. I still have not decided which I like best. 🙂

As I worked the area and tried a variety of approaches, I saw something I had not expected. Look at the lower right corner of the following image. Do you see it?

Much to my surprise, as I shot, a Salmon swam through the rapid and into the pool below me. I stopped and looked around. Soon another swam up through the riffle in nearly the exact same location.  Suddenly my objective changed.

I adjusted my gear and added a Polarizer to help cut through the reflections. I bumped up my ISO so I could get a decent shutter speed and waited. It did not take very long before another swam through and then another.

The images I made will never be printed. The fish were too fast, the light too low and I was a bit distant to get anything that would be a framer. Still, the challenge was fun and seeing this miracle of spawning was a thrill.

We ended arriving home late. We had managed to turn a 5 1/2 hour drive into a 9 hour drive. It was time well spent.

Next, the drive back to Bandon. Until then, happy shooting.

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