Ok, the web site is back up in a state that is at least passable. As with all things internet, there are features I like and others that, well, let’s just say there is room to improve.

As I went through my images and tried to sweep them into convenient piles, I learned a few things. It is interesting how one’s view can shift with a little review. Many of the images I found I had to wonder why I had kept them in the first place. Several I decided to no longer hang onto.

I used to think of myself as a landscape photographer but with the building of my first website I learned I was much more of a bird guy. That remains true. However, in this review i found that I have stated creating some images that defy simple categorization. I would say abstract but many are not. It seems that in every category, seascape, landscape, floral and even birds and animals, there were one or two images that kinda fit but didn’t.

Rocks and Sand is one I included with Seascapes simply because it was taken on the beach.

And, this abstract, geometric image of a Brown Pelican was placed in birds because it is one but the feel is not what i think of when i contemplate bird photography.

This image of yarn and

this one of firefighters were left out because they simply don’t fit in any of the piles.

While this image of the gardens at the Oregon Aquarium could have been placed in the floral gallery, it would have been the odd image as there were no other blurs.

Do these images show areas that my portfolio is weak on and that I may wish to pursue further or are they simply oddities that should be tucked away as memories?

It is always tempting to go after anything and everything. to not want to be “boxed in” or stereotyped. On-the-other-hand, one does not want to become scattered and without direction. The best option, if one is trying to build a name is to stay focused on a specific theme. For me, that would soon drain my energy and love and turn this wonderful experiment into more work. I need a certain amount of variability but balanced with some consistency.

The consistency, for me, will always be my birds. I love photographing birds and animals above all else. But, in the coming year, I will try to fill in some of those other areas. Perhaps it will be my next gallery.

Until then, Happy Shooting.

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