A short while ago, I received an EOL notice. It didn’t mean much to me but I opened up my hosting platform and very quickly learned that EOL stands for End Of Life. As one might expect, this is not a good thing.

Essentially, the underlying programming to all of our sites was out of date and I was required to update it. I tried a few plugins to confirm that an update would be ok and then proceeded. The plugins were only partially correct and I immediately lost all four of the sites that I run.

the one lucky piece was that Susan’s web site susandimockphotography was being rebuilt at the time and was on a new server. It was safe. Everything else crashed.

It took me, with a little help, about 24 hours to get the motel site back up and running. This was the main thing I was concerned about. We don’t want to interrupt cash flow.

My photo site, hiking bandon and birding bandon were down and out. This was, in part, due to my not having kept them up to date. But, I thought, since they were out of date, what a great time to start a new. Well, it will be a process. It would appear that I will likely be down for a time. The new themes are unfamiliar and there are new concepts to learn.

I will endeavor to get a page up each week or two and have a gallery or two soon. I hope you will all come back and check a little later.

See you then.

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